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How to prepare for a hangover

How to prepare for a hangover

People think I’m weird that I prepare for my hangovers…. well they think I’m weird until the next day when they’re battling theirs, while I’m laying in air-con eating all my hangover food without so much as leaving the house. Then they think I’m genius.

I don’t like being hung over, but what I dislike even more is being hungover and having to leave the house - into the sunlight and heat - feeling seedy and having to interact with other people or society. So to prevent my future self from having to do this, past self does the following things:

  1. Stock the fridge with hangover food prior to your night out

    Okay, yes, we don’t make the best food decisions when we’re hungover… but you’re probably going to go out and get it anyway, so I give myself a free pass. For me this includes things like lemonade, pizza pockets, chips, chocolate, water (of course this is already at home, but I make sure the fridge bottles are topped up - I like cold water).

  2. Have a shower when you get home

    Your drunk self may not want to do this, generally drunk self likes to rip off their clothes and fall into bed. But trust me, being clean will make the whole waking up with a hangover thing way less yuck. If you can be bothered, even wash your hair. I generally still want a shower the next morning too because my body is overheated from being dehydrated, but still, it helps to wake up already clean.

  3. Take some water and Panadol before you go to bed

    It’s going to take some hydrating to get your body free of alcohol - and time. But I find this helps me wake up with less of a hangover the next day. I also read that if you take a Berocca before you start drinking it will act as a buffer to the alcohol so you wake up less hungover.

  4. Put fresh sheets on the bed

    I like my sheets and I like waking up in clean sheets. For me this is just one more thing that makes me feel a bit more normal the next day - self care.

  5. Have medication and Berocco ready to go

    Does your medical draw/cupboard/box need a restock? Make sure you have all the essentials before you start your night.

  6. Set the air-conditioning

    Air-conditioning divides people, I find. I have friends who hate air-conditioning, but I grew up in Central Coast Queensland with 90% humidity, so for me air-con is a must. If you’re someone who likes to be cool, then set your air-con timer to come on about 20 minutes before you get home so you stumble into a cool house. This will make the going to sleep process much easier.

  7. Have a free day planned

    Don’t make plans if you think you’re going to be hungover. I generally keep the day after a big night free so I don’t have to do anything. And if it turns out not to be the big night I had planned, then you still have a free day to do what you want.

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